Trillium Sales and Distribution - KidsEmbrace High Chairs - SO versatile!

KidsEmbrace High Chairs - SO versatile!

Recline & Height adjustments - oh my!!
Footrest adjustments too!

Just a few amazing traits of this fantastic 'Caped Crusader' high chair!

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Trillium Sales and Distribution - QuickMix is here!!!!

QuickMix is here!!!!

Formula feed your baby in under 10 seconds!

Get our revolutionary QuickMix Baby Bottle and enjoy a happy, stress-free feeding experience the way it should be!

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Trillium Sales and Distribution - Stylish AND functional!

Stylish AND functional!

GUMEEZ boasts a line of functional teething jewelry that fits in with today's accessories trends. Crafted from food-grade silicone, each piece entertains little ones and soothes their sore gums—all while making your ensembles pop.

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Trillium Sales and Distribution - KidsEmbrace - Making Safety Fun!!

KidsEmbrace - Making Safety Fun!!

Harnessed Combination Booster Seats - Get Yours NOW!!

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Trillium Sales and Distribution - PURE SAFETY (formerly Wonder Bumpers)

PURE SAFETY (formerly Wonder Bumpers)

Made to fit ANY crib, Wonder Bumpers sleek, vertical design effortlessly zip on your crib in a downward motion ensuring babies do not have access to the pull. With no unsafe ties they are super easy to use and easy to wash!

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The Binky Fairy


Binky Fairy is a story book (hard back) that comes with a Binky Fairy finger puppet to help children let go of pacifier sucking gently.

Help your child give up the pacifier with the Binky Fairy. The Binky Fairy comes with a children’s illustrated story book and interactive Binky Fairy finger puppet and can help children survive the weaning period of giving up their pacifier. Similar to the Tooth Fairy, parents read the adorable story of The Binky Fairy the night before as children look forward to waking up to their Binky Fairy puppet knowing their Binkys were replaced to help other children.

The Binky Fairy puppet comes with removable wings and children learn the story of how she became The Binky Fairy by helping children around the world give up their pacifier without the sadness or fuss.

Each Binky Fairy comes with a hard back book and also comes with a success chart and stickers. Winner of the PTPA Awards